Monday, March 17, 2014

The hills are alive with the sound of weeping

Day Four
Sooooooo Shelby's apartment is small.  I'm not talking like a one bedroom apartment size small.  My bedroom at home is bigger than her entire house. Needless to say, 4 people living there and trying to get ready at the same time in the morning is HECTIC.  Oh goodness.  After getting a full nights rest (thanks to ZzzQuil) I felt pretty relaxed and actually slept in.  We all eventually were ready to start our incredibly busy day. First stop: Brunch!

We had brunch at this really pretty restaurant called The Flying Pan.  It's in this GIANT wavy building called GT Tower.  It was so cool.  The food was all presented beautifully too.  Also, it was delectable.  'Twas a great way to start the day.  Afterwards, we headed to Namdaemun.  It's an outdoor market with soooooo many street food vendors, shops, and people.  It was worse than Westmoore at passing period.  I didn't mind so much.  The atmosphere was nice.  And the shopping was so cheap.  I bought lots of things.  And food.  We witnessed a protest with lots of policeman and shields all lined up.  That was neat.  We also saw Namdaemun Gate.

Next up was Namsan Tower!  Namsan Tower is a major tourist attraction in Seoul.  It's beautiful.  To get up there, we were going to have to ride a cable car to the top.  Now, my least favorite thing.  We had to conquer a giant hill to get to the elevator, to take us to said cable car.  The hill sucked.   I would rather tweeze my leg hairs than to ever do that again. Once we got to the cable car place, we waited in line for at least an hour and a half.  Once we got to the top, we had to conquer another hoard of stairs.  I could have cried.  My knee was screaming at me, my calves were like lead, and my back felt like it was gonna snap in half.  It was one of those moments where I hated every second of it but I'll look back on it later and be glad that I went.  Namsan itself wasn't all that fun.  I got to see all of the love locks and the love benches.  The view was too hazy to see much of anything so we just walked around for a bit.  The way down was much quicker and we caught a cab back to shelby's place.

For dinner that night we had korean pizza.  So. Weird.  The pizza I had had corn, french fries, mayo?, and pizza sauce on it.  It wasn't bad.  Not that great though.  And after dinner we went to NORAEBANG.  Noraebang is the greatest thing about Korea.  It's also probably the most popular thing to do in Korea.  Noraebang is basically Karaoke except that you get your own private room equipped with microphones, tambourines, and a giant couch and table. Most places let you bring your own alcohol but none of us were in the drinking mood.  I'm bubbly enough as it is.  I don't need alcohol to have a blast at Noraebang.  We sang, rapped, danced, krumped, and screamed our hearts out.  It was just what I imagined it to be.

Dear America, 
                  Open Noraebangs.  
                          Love, Allie

Na Ganda!  xoxoxoxo

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