Saturday, March 29, 2014

Let's get down to business, to defeat *hooh!* the huns!!!!! , a picture post.

Now that I have a way of uploading pictures, I guess I can start with the palace visit.  Em took most of these pictures because after the first few I was sick of taking them. Hahaha.  You'll thank me.  She's much better at taking them.

Here we go!

 This is the unicorn horn.  I'm not exactly sure what the real name is.

 A soldier statue outside of the palace.  Kinda.

 The view of the palace from afar. Spent like 10 minutes at this crosswalk.

 This guy was a special one.  He bowed and danced at us.


 Drum inside of the palace.  Beautiful.

 2nd gate. Em's head.

 3rd gate.

 Main Palace!  Huzzah!

 The museum in the back.  The tall building.

 The Golden Dragon

 Throne Room

 Beautiful Mountains


 Cute turtle

 Cute enough to kiss.

 Shelby liked this one better.

 Breeze way.  The artistry on the ceiling is exquisite.

 In front of the lake.


 The lake without us.

 The bridge.

 Love these.

 The original water well!

 So pretty!

 Tim being cute.

 Em told me to make this face.  I was actually quite happy.

 I decided I didn't like my rolls in the last picture so this is me trying to fix them.

 Rolls, rolls, rolls.  

 Tim being angsty.

 Cute ^.^




 The city built around the palace.

 It's amazing.

Leaving!  Annyeong!

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