Thursday, March 13, 2014

Now Isn't That Ironic? Don't Ya Think?

Readers, let me tell you something.  (and excuse my language) JET LAG IS A HATEFUL BITCH.  I don't know why I thought I was above it all.  I really did.  Turns out Mother Nature decided to kick me in the face and prove me wrong.  One of my main excitements of going to Korea was for the food.  I deeply love Korean food.  Once I got here though, my appetite has pretty much been non existent.  I eat when I am supposed to but I'm never really hungry.  As a fat kid, losing my appetite is like losing my best friend.  It's been my constant companion for 24 years.  I feel empty.  I'm also so incredibly tired that it's hard to act like a human.  I'm walking (shambling?) around like a zombie.  Or maybe waddling.  My legs feel like lead and they will surely fall off.  Everything hurts.  I didn't realize I was so lazy until I got here. 

I suppose I should stop whining and get on to the fun stuff! 

Day One
The first day I met Emily for lunch.  We were going to go for Rabokki and Kimbap but the place was crowded and we can't eat with strangers. Hahahaha.  So we found a little takeout place and Em let me try Donkatsu Curry for the first time.  It's delicious.   After lunch I started my hour and a half trek to Seoul.  Buses are intimidating because they don't announce your stops in English.  So I had to listen to key words that I knew.  Luckily I found the right stop. I succesfully found Tim at the National Museum of Korea.  I was so glad to find him.  I hate being by myself.  We walked around and saw sooo many cool things. I could spend all day there. We got lots of stares but I just smiled and bowed my head to them. That seemed to appease them.  After the museum we went back to Shelby's apartment and contemplated nap time.  Jet Lag hit us in the middle of the museum so we left.  Not without visiting the gift shop and getting some awesome postcards for Leslie!

For Dinner we met Emily in Hongdae and went to Tokyo Steak. (The subway ride was intense.  Soooo many people!!!!)  Em's steak was pretty much mooing.  They probably cooked it for 20 seconds on each side.  If that.  It was delicious!  Shelby and I shared a Donkatsu Curry since I wasn't feeling super hungry.  It was pretty good. Not as good as the takeout curry I had tried earlier that day.  We went to Paris Baguette and I got this awesome Cream Cheese Pastry.  So good. We walked around Hongdae and I bought a cute new headband.  It's the best headband I've ever seen.  After we decided to leave, it took me and Em 2 hours to get back home to Gimpo because the buses were entirely too crowded.  We ended up going by City Hall and she showed me a tiny palace.  So cool. I can't wait to go full explore that area on Saturday.  

And that's the end of Day One.

Na Ganda!

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  1. YAY! Postcards for me! :-) You're a sweetie Allie! I hope the jet lag takes a hike and you are better ASAP! Love the blog!