Tuesday, March 04, 2014

So many worries......

Allie's List of Irrational Worries

1. I'm gonna be too fat to fit on the plane.
2. I'm not going to be able to fit everything in my suitcase.
3. I'm going to get lost and not be able to find my way back.
4. People are going to call me fat on the subway.
5. I can't read hangul yet.  I'm practicing.
6.  I speak hardly any meaningful Korean. (Unless I want to just shout YAH! to my elders)
7. Airports are scary.  What if I miss my flights?
8. What if the weather gets crappy and my flight is delayed?
9. Jet lag.
10.  I don't have any stylish comfy shoes.  How am I supposed to wear Nikes and skinny jeans?  It's just not attractive.
11.  24 hours of travel.
12.  Being one of 5 (?) white people in Gimpo.  How do I make ajummas love me?  I'm cute.
13.  Finding my oppas.  I'm only going to be in Korea once.  Try to stop me.
14.  Chansung is going to be in Japan.  *weeps*
15. How do I find a korean husband in 2 weeks?  I'm desperate for whasian babies.
16. Once again, how do I charm the ajummas?
17.  I'm afraid of being an american stereotype.

Aigoo.  So many more to list but now I'm embarrassed. 

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