Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Hey Now, Hey Now! This Is What Dreams Are Made Of

I leave for Seoul in 6 days.  Talk about a panic attack. I'm nervous.  It doesn't feel real yet.  I can't believe I'm actually going.  I have a thousand and one things to do before I leave and most of the stuff can't be done until the very last minute.  Yikes.

Despite the nerves, I'm very excited.  I get to see my best friends that I haven't seen in ages.  I also get to gain 50 pounds from all of the kimbap and street food I am going to be consuming.  They're gonna have to roll me on and off the plane like Templeton.  I'm also going to be in a place I never dreamed I would even go to.  This, for me, is the absolute trip of a lifetime.

I guess now I should get to the reason for this blog. I am reopening it to write about my daily adventures on my trip and to post an abundance of pictures.  This will save me from having to explain how my trip was a thousand different times to everyone. Also, it will keep my parents from worrying.  They're beside themselves that I'm leaving the continent.

I will be posting things on here for the days leading up to my trip.  Feel free to comment and tell me my worries are stupid.  Or just to say hi. Well, that's all for now.  I need to make myself productive on this 2nd snow day of the week.

안녕! Annyeong!  (goodbye in Korean)

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