Monday, March 17, 2014

The dried persimmons will kill you

If there's anything I've learned from Sageuks (historical korean dramas), it's that you are never supposed to eat dried persimmons.  They're always poisoned and you'll die.  Speaking of Sageuks, I went to Gyeongbokgung Palace yesterday!

Day Five
We went to the palace today!  It was a good day to go too.  The weather was amazing.  There was a kids festival going on in front of it too.  I feel like I can't even describe the beauty of this place in words.  I'll let the pictures do that for me. I'm just gonna say that it was huge, beautiful, and it just felt historical.  Like I could feel the history there.  Is that weird?  It probably is. Another cool thing about it is that it's this huge historical landmark that is right in the middle of the city.  There are skyscrapers surrounding it. And the Sejong Center for Performing Arts.  I'm glad I got to see it.  It was on my list of things to see.   To read more about the palace (AND YOU REALLLLLY SHOULD) go to: Gyeongbokgung Palace.

After the palace, we went to Myeongdong.  Myeongdong is the biggest tourist shopping spot in Seoul.  It has a mixture of inside and outside shopping, along with all of the street food you could possibly want.  Also, K-Pop CD stores.  I spent an abundance of money.  And got U-Kiss pictures! (^.^)   I bought some souvenirs, nail polish, and makeup at Etude House and officially went broke.  Well.  Just about.  For dinner we went to an all you can eat Shabu Shabu buffet.  HOLY MOTHER OF ALL THAT IS HOLY.  It was everything I dreamed of.  You start out with this broth that boils at your table.   then you add an abundance of veggies and raw thin strips of beef to it.  The longer it cooks, the more beefy it gets.  Then, you add noodles to the beefy broth at the very end and it becomes this beefy noodley gravy concoction that is the most amazing thing ever.  I could die happy.

After dinner, Em and I waited on a bus back to Gimpo for 30 minutes.   Took the hour bus ride home, bought ice cream at the grocery store, assembled her couch, showered, watched Emergency Couple, then went to bed.

What a crazy weekend.  I'm content.

Na Ganda!  xoxoxoxo

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