Sunday, March 16, 2014

Everybody's workin for the weekend!

Now, Dear Readers. where was I???  Oh, yes!

Day Three (Continued)
So if you all will remember correctly, I woke up super early this day.  Jet Lag was still being a jerk. After I was ready for the day, I had to pack up my 10 pound air mattress, plus an entire weekends amount of clothes to go to Seoul.  Carrying all of that crap on a bus is super inconvenient.  Waiting an hour on said bus with lots of ajummas and ajusshis looking at me weird was worse.  Oh well, got through it.   I was the last person on the bus when we got to Seoul so the driver asked me where I was getting off. (In korean and I understood.  Aren't you impressed?) I told him where I was going (in Korean. KYAA!!! ^.^) and he took me straight there.  Shelby and Tim thankfully met me at the bus stop so I didn't get incredibly lost trying to find her apartment.  After that, we ventured to Itaewon, which is the part of Seoul with the biggest Foreigner population.  The US military base is there after all. As soon as we got there I went to a bank to exchange my Dollars for Won.  Halfway through my transaction the bank started shutting down.  Huge metal doors came down and locked into place.  No one was getting in and no one was getting out.  Apparently Korea has routine safety drills in case of attacks.  So now that I've been through one, no one should worry about my safety here.  I've got this.

I discovered my first K-Pop store shortly afterwards.  OH. MY. GOD.  ALLLLLLLLL THE THIIIIIIIIIIIIINGS!!!!!!!!  I bought so much crap!  And it was amazing.  Just thinking about it right now gives me all the feels.  Kekeke.  We ate brunch at this beautiful cafe called Autumn in New York.  I'd recommend it to anyone in need of breakfast food in Itaewon.  I shopped at the only plus size store in Korea.  It's called Sister Big Size.  I am still trying not to be offended.  They should call it Luscious Lady Lumps or something.

I'm super thankful that Shelby believes in naps.  I was super tired by the time we left Itaewon.  We caught a cab back to her place and I was pretty much asleep instantly. When Em got there, we grabbed food at this chicken place called Nollan Chicken. SOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOD.  Korea knows how to do fried chicken.  It was double fried and covered in a garlic-y batter and drizzled faintly with this really sweet sauce.  Plus, it was served with a side dish of sweet and sour radish. YUUUUUUMMMMMM!  Just thinking about it makes me want to go back. I didn't have my appetite back then so I didn't eat much.  It's back with a vengeance now.  I want to eat all of the things!

After dinner we went to Dongdaemun.  It is a shopping district that stays open until 4:30am.  There was a good mixture of cheap and expensive things.  I was surprised to see so many people out shopping at 11:00pm.  This so called city girl feels like a country bumpkin here.  It's hard to wrap my mind around things. In Oklahoma, as soon as Target closes everyone just goes to bed.  Here, the later it gets, the busier it seems to get.  So weird.

Na Ganda! xoxox

(Authors Note:  Sorry these posts are so long.  There will be 2 more posted along with this one today.  This weekend was jam packed with excitement so I want to dedicate a post to each day.  Thanks for staying with me, my lovely followers.  I miss you all!  Muah!)

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  1. NOT the only plus size store in Itaewon. Just the only one that I really know about that is easy to get to.